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Hao Lin - Senior Property Manager

Hao is a Senior Property Manager at HSM. He graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. He joined HSM Property Management in 2019 as a Property Manager. Hao provides excellent customer service to clients and always tries his best to solve clients’ problems. He is knowledgeable in Accounting and in many computer software programs, including QuickBooks and all Microsoft Office products.

Susan Bates - Property Manager

Susan started her employment with HSM in 2017, and after a leave of absence in 2019, she returned to HSM in 2020.  She worked at Bank of America as a real estate underwriter and then at the Hobart Building as a commercial property manager.  She works with the Board of Directors at the Homeowners Associations that she manages and maintains required compliance in accordance with the laws of California and San Francisco, prepares annual budgets and disclosures in accordance with the Davis Stirling Act, and makes sure that the Associations are fully maintained.  She also works with owners and tenants to provide excellent customer service and makes sure that maintenance issues are taken care of with the preferred vendors that HSM has a working relationship with.

Rina Castillo - Property Manager

Rina is responsible for overseeing the financial and day-to-day operations of multiple residential associations. Rina works closely with property owners, boards of directors, as well as vendors, and property personnel to ensure that all properties are fulfilling Davis Stirling Act and City building codes. Rina is a native San Franciscan. She holds a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz.  Prior to working at HSM, Rina worked in social services assisting low-income families who struggled to pay their rent. She worked closely with private landlords and property managers across the Bay Area, which sparked her interest in property management.  Her positive and caring personality has made her a great asset to the agency.

Jimmy Wen - Property Manager

Jimmy graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and a minor in Decision Science.  He has extensive customer service experience.  He hopes to use his enthusiasm and customer service experience to assist clients and establish strong working relationships with Board Members, Owners, Tenants, and Vendors.

Jessica Ramirez - Property Manager

Jessica graduated from Santiago de Cali University (Colombia) with a Bachelor of Arts in International Business and a certificate in Finance. Prior to joining the management staff at HSM, she worked in the public sector as an Administrative Assistant. Jessica has extensive administrative and customer service experience. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking and spending time with friends and family.

Kyle Sheely - Assistant Property Manager

Bio coming soon.


Constance Ye - Senior Bookkeeper

Constance joined HSM Property Management in 2018 as an accounting assistant. She is now the Senior Bookkeeper for HSM. Constance is very knowledgeable in many software programs, including QuickBooks and all Microsoft Office products. Her daily responsibilities include but are not limited to preparing financial statements, budget development, accounts receivables, and accounts payables. She also monitors HSM’s financial stability, working closely with the President of Property Management for institutional development. Constance has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from San Francisco State University.

Irene Ye - Bookkeeper

Irene joined HSM in 2020 after completing her studies at San Francisco State University.  Her primary role is the preparation of financial reports and data input. Along with other staff members, Irene is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Her enthusiasm and productivity make her an essential part of the bookkeeping team. She places an emphasis on communication and teamwork, working closely with others to complete tasks at a high level. Irene is committed to collaboration and pursuing a friendly work environment.

Mei Chan - Bookkeeper

Mei joined HSM Property Management in 2021 as an office manager. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a bachelor’s degree in finance. She is responsible for making the office run smoothly by frequently interacting with clients, answering general office phone calls and emails. She also ensures the office has the necessary supplies, and she coordinates the office activities. Not only does she oversee the day-to-day office administrative duties, but she also assists the accounting department, including invoicing, accounts payable, and receivables.


Janet Saldivar - Office Manager

Bio coming soon.

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