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It is the unwavering commitment to these values every day that has allowed our company and so many of our people to achieve success.  Our Core Values.

Our name is the Most Valuable Thing We Own           

We must do business every day as if our success          

depends upon the company’s good name                       

because it does.  Our reputation is our most                   

precious asset. HSM is a value-based company             

built by its people one client, one handshake,                

and one promise at a time.  Each employee is a             

owner of the HSM brand, with the power to                       

advance the company’s position in the

marketplace, one customer at a time.                              

Personal Honesty and Integrity Are the                          

Foundation of Our Success                                            

As the personal face of HSM to our customers               

and in our communities, our employees accept               

responsibility for demonstrating our true                          

commitment to the highest ethical standards.                  

We build loyalty, long-term relationships with our            

customers and neighbors by treating them                      

fairly, and meeting their needs, and earning                    

their trust ensuring our clients’ values match                   

our values.  These relationships, sustained by                

personal honesty and integrity, are the

Customer Service is Our Way of Life

For over sixty five years we have maintained an

uncompromising focus on customer service.

Customers seek out and stay with HSM because

our people believe in and deliver courteous,

personalized service every day.  Our goal is to

exceed every customer’s expectation.



We Work Hard . . .  And We Reward Hard Work

 Delivering our high standard of service is hard

work.  It’s work that demands a deep personal  

commitment from each employee.  HSM

rewards that commitment personally,

professionally, and financially by providing

employees with many different career

opportunities.  Our business operations are true

entrepreneurship that few, if any, Real Estate

companies offer.  That makes HSM a

a great fit for career-minded individuals who take

real ownership of and responsibility for their goals and

and aspirations.

HSM is a Fun and Friendly Place, Where

Teamwork Rules 

We work hard to meet our goals for growth and

success.  But we work just as hard to keep our

workplace enjoyable.  We are known for our

enthusiasm, high energy, competitive drive, and 

team spirit.  And as we continue to grow, we 

understand we can best fuel the collective

success of the entire company with a workforce

that is upbeat, motivated, and highly   

committed to each other’s success.

Great Things Happen When We Listen . . . To Our

Customers and To Each Other.

 We have learned that when we truly listen to

our customers to understand their needs and

values, they lead us to opportunities, from little

ways to serve them better, to new lines of

business that open-up exciting growth

prospects for our company.  Listening leads us

to working more effectively and efficiently

together.  At HSM we understand that an open

and respectful exchange of ideas is critical to

maintaining our high standards of service and

personal success.

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