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New Podcast Episode: San Francisco Real Estate w/ the Owners of HSM Management

Updated: May 28

Beyond the Fog Radio - Spotify Podcast Link

Tracy and Kelly Dearman are the owners of HSM. Along with their brother, Jonathan Dearman, they sat down with Beyond the Fog Radio to record a podcast about the history of HSM and the influence their grandmother (founder of HSM), Bertha Flemming, had on their upbringing and careers in real estate. Please check it out here: Beyond the Fog Radio - Spotify Podcast Link

Episode Description:

We kick off our Home and Design Series with siblings Tracy, Kelly and Jonathan Dearman — titans of the San Francisco Bay Area real estate scene. The Dearman Real Estate Group was founded by Jonathan, though the origins of his family’s business go back to the 1950s when his grandmother, Bertha Flemming, provided real estate services throughout the Bay Area. She was one of the first African-American women in the SF Bay Area to operate a real estate business, and took care to pass her legacy down to her children and grandchildren.

The Dearman children were taught that service to others comes first in life, and coupled with great intelligence and kindness, they have helped countless families across the Bay Area find the perfect home. We are so excited to share our conversation with the siblings, who spoke of their experience having a dynamic grandmother whose teachings greatly influenced who they are today.

For more information about The Dearman Real Estate Group, please visit:

Meet Tracy, Kelly, and Jonathan Dearman!

Beyond the Fog Radio - Spotify Podcast Link

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